Short Film - Production
End of September
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Due fratelli, un destino comune.

Brothers with different skin. A story behind any race.

Christian, a 25-year-old man, tries to take to school his little brother, Giulio. This is no easy task, since Christian works as a bricklayer in a construction site, and he needs to be at work by the time Giulio starts school. The mother is an alcoholic, and she is uncapable of taking any responsibility for herself or her children, who are literally on their own. Moreover, there’s no father around. Christian is fair-skinned and has blue eyes. Giulio is biracial. Giulio will ask his brother why their skin color looks so different. Christian will explain to him that they share a mother, but have two different fathers; he will add that Giulio’s dad probably looks more like Mohamed, the owner of the deli in their building, where the brothers often go buying alcohol at their mother’s request, or to get Giulio’s favorite candies. Within the complexity of the brothers’ life, Mohamed will become a father figure and source of relief for them, thanks to his generosity and to his understanding of their needs and their research for an identity. Christian and Giulio are two common heroes of our time: the ones who conquer survival.

  • Produced by
    Paola Piccioli/ Salvatore Sclafani/
  • Directed by
    Valentina Casadei/
  • Cinematography
    Luca Nervegna/
  • Starring
    Matteo Olivetti/ Malik Gueye/ Aziz Es-Sahnouny/